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Gold Sesame Oil

Seasoning, Cooking Ingredient, Oil

Gold Sesame Oil

Aromatic 100% gold sesame oil

100% Gold Sesame Oil.The raw material is from Turkey.Very good aroma but the taste is not too heavy comoared to other oil.This is finishing oil. You can use this oil instead of olive oil. Ex.) Put on it to ramen, ice cream, chinese cuisine...

Part Number 4980717001445
Product name Gold Sesame Oil
Name edible sesame oil
Raw material name Gold Sesame
Content volume 180g
Best before date 18 months
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity. Keep in room temperature.
Nutritional Information Calories:921kcal Protein:0g Total Fat:100g Total Carbohydrate:0g Salt Content:0g
(Outside Japan)
Seller WADAMAN Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer WADAMAN Co., Ltd.
Place of manufacture 7-97,Oihara,Yao-shi, Osaka,Japan
Countries to be sold Please contact us.
Exporting Countries Please contact us.
Available period all year
Product Size 60×60×220 (mm)
Product weight (net) 180g
Product weight (net) 426g
Number of lots for export over 5 cases(possible to consolidate)
Number of cases 35
Case size 430×310×220(mm)
Case weight (net) 6300g
Case weight (gross) 15590g

Apeal of sesame oil

First squeeze sesame oil

First squeeze sesame oil

WADAMAN’s sesame oil is made by first squeeze. We do not use solvent. Just squeeze sesame oil, so it is so fresh taste. By this way, you can drink our sesame oil!!

100% golden sesame seeds

100% golden sesame seeds

Recently gold sesame becomes better known to many people. Compared to black or white sesame, gold sesame has much oil, so you can enjoy fragrant aroma.

1 plus sesame magic

Sesame has a potential which makes food more delicious. Just sprinkle on dishes, the action will make dishes more delicious. Not only dishes but also sweets and drink… Sesame has wide range of arrangements!

Manufacturer information

Sesame Roastery since 1883 in Osaka


Great Family Sesame Roastery

Sesame seed manufacturer in Osaka, since 1883. Our roasting process, which determines the taste of sesame, is unique, and we are able to produce fragrant sesame seeds that no other company can. We produce roasted sesame,ground sesame, sesame paste, sesame oil, furikake, etc. We exports those products to more than 10 countries and a lot of world wide chefs love our sesame.

Company name WADAMAN CO.,LTD.
Location 9-5,Sugaharacho,Kitaku,Osaka-shi,Japan
Business Description Sesame seed processing and furikake making
Number of employees 45
Capital stock 10000000JPY
Web Site https://www.wadaman.com/