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Cherry Blossom Tea Cup

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Cherry Blossom Tea Cup

Made in Japan

With the faint scent of cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms bloom in full bloom in the hot water, creating a soothing and luxurious atmosphere.

Part Number S-10
Product name Cherry Blossom Tea Cup
Name pickled cherry blossoms
Raw material name Cherry blossoms (domestic), pickled ingredients (salt, plum vinegar), acidulant, myouban
Content volume 40g
Best before date 730 days
Storage method normal or average or fixed temperature
Nutritional Information Energy 21.6kcal / Protein 0.4g / Fat 0.08g / Carbohydrate 4.84g / Salt equivalent 27.44g
(Outside Japan)
Seller Osaka Gyokuroen CO.,LTD.
Manufacturer Osaka Gyokuroen CO.,LTD.
Place of manufacture Osaka
Countries to be sold North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe
Exporting Countries North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe
Available period all season
Product Size 78Ф×34mm
Product weight (net) 40g
Product weight (net) 70g
Number of lots for export Minimum 1
Number of cases 80 pieces
Case size 356×455×175mm
Case weight (net) 5.6kg
Case weight (gross) 6.7kg

Features of Gyokuroen Cherry Blossom Tea

Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Double-flowered cherry trees are used. Cherry blossoms that have bloomed 6 to 7 minutes are pickled in salt.

Manufacturer information

Pursuit of Deliciousness

Osaka Gyokuroen

Pursuing hidden flavors in cooking

The history of kelp tea is not certain, but it seems that there was already in the Edo period. The boiling water is poured to the chopped kelp, it drinks, and after drinking it, it eats the kelp that became the dregs. It seems that it was liked as so-called flavored tea.
The kelp tea of the powder that we know well appeared in 1918. The person who made it is the founder of the GYOKUROEN, Mr. Umazou Fujita. Yes, the "kelp tea" of the GYOKUROEN is the originator of the powder kelp tea, at the same time, the kelp tea is also the originator of the instant beverage. In addition, green tea was also developed in 1930. The freeze-dried instant coffee was put on the market in 1938, so it was much earlier than that.

Osaka Gyokuroen
Company name Osaka Gyokuroen Co.,Ltd.
Location 6-9, Ajiwara-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City,Japan
Business Description Manufacture of powdered soft drinks
Number of employees 20
Capital stock 10 million
Web Site http://osakagyokuroen.co.jp/HP