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Organic Furikake Sesame & Yuzu

Seasoning, Cooking Ingredient, Oil

Organic Furikake Sesame & Yuzu

Organic certified & good aroma furikake

Organic certified and aromatic furikake. Blending sesame coating soy sauce and fresh yuzu. Not only sprinkle on rice or rice ball, but also it goes well with salad, steak, pasta, and fish.

Part Number 4980717600402
Product name Organic Furikake Sesame & Yuzu
Name Organic Furikake
Raw material name Organic Sesame, Organic Yuzu Peel, Organic Soy Sauce, Salt, Aosa-dry seaweed
Content volume 25g
Best before date 12 months
Storage method Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity. Keep in room temperature.
Nutritional Information Calories:559kcal Protein:18.8g Total Fat:46.6g Total Carbohydrate:21.6g Salt Content:5.97g
sesame, wheat, soy bean
(Outside Japan)
sesame, wheat, soy bean
Seller WADAMAN Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer WADAMAN Co., Ltd.
Place of manufacture 7-97,Oihara,Yao-shi, Osaka,Japan
Countries to be sold Please contact us.
Exporting Countries Please contact us.
Available period all year
Product Size 190×120×10 (mm)
Product weight (net) 25g
Product weight (net) 35g
Number of lots for export over 5 cases(possible to consolidate)
Number of cases 50
Case size 210×345×125(mm)
Case weight (net) 1250g
Case weight (gross) 2000g

Apeal of furikake

Organic triple certification

Organic triple certification

We manufacture the Organic Sesame products with the Authorized certification covering The Japanese market and USA, EU market as well. The sesame products manufactured at our factory with full of care using Organic sesame seeds are well accepted widely at the world market.

Selected ingredients

Selected ingredients

This is organic furikake, so of course we use all organic ingredients. Especially, we use “Shoyu sesame” which is coating sesame by shoyu. To make shoyu sesame, it takes long time and hard work. However, thanks to shoyu sesame, our furikake tastes better.

Potential of furikake

For many Japanese people, furikake is for sprinkling on rice or mixing into rice ball. Actually, furikake is quite popular with some countries. How do they use furikake? Furikake is used for seasoning to meat or fish. In addition, furikake is loved as a new dressing that does not use oil.

Manufacturer information

Sesame Roastery since 1883 in Osaka


Great Family Sesame Roastery

Sesame seed manufacturer in Osaka, since 1883. Our roasting process, which determines the taste of sesame, is unique, and we are able to produce fragrant sesame seeds that no other company can. We produce roasted sesame,ground sesame, sesame paste, sesame oil, furikake, etc. We exports those products to more than 10 countries and a lot of world wide chefs love our sesame.

Company name WADAMAN CO.,LTD.
Location 9-5,Sugaharacho,Kitaku,Osaka-shi,Japan
Business Description Sesame seed processing and furikake making
Number of employees 45
Capital stock 10000000JPY
Web Site https://www.wadaman.com/