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Kyoto Matcha Dorayaki

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Kyoto Matcha Dorayaki

Dorayaki (dorayaki) filled with the prestigious Kyoto green tea, chopped chestnuts and red bean deer.

While there are many matcha green tea products in Japan and overseas, Akanemaru's Kyoto Matcha Dorayaki are made with Kyoto green tea, which is the only green tea in Japan that has been carefully selected for its flavor and taste.
The dorayaki are not only flavorful, but also have the texture of chopped chestnuts and red beans mixed in. It has a long shelf life and is a popular souvenir for distant places and foreign countries.

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Product name Kyoto Matcha Dorayaki
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Seller Akanemaru Corporation
Manufacturer Akanemaru Corporation
Place of manufacture Osaka, Japan 13-15, Omichi 2-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi,
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Akanemaru continues to focus on delivering delicious bean jam.

High quality azuki beans are used for the best taste.

High quality azuki beans are used for the best taste.

Akanemaru selects azuki beans based on the following four points: ""good taste,"" ""low pesticide use,"" ""stable harvest,"" and ""Erimo type*. At Akanemaru, we do our best to deliver the highest quality red bean paste by using azuki beans that are carefully selected not only for their origin but also for their variety and grade.
Not all of the azuki beans used at Akanemaru are of the ""Erimo"" variety.



The beans used at Akanemaru are healthy beans with as low a level of pesticides as possible. All beans have been certified for pesticide residues. The beans also undergo a rigorous 14-step sorting process (link to sorting process) to prevent foreign substances from entering the beans. All lots are tested for pesticide residues. Only beans that have passed the tests are used. In addition, a person in charge of the quality control office conducts a bacteria test on all lots at the in-house laboratory. We have also installed metal detectors to prevent metal contamination.

Our special manufacturing method

Azuki beans, the main ingredient of red bean paste, are an agricultural crop, so the water absorption rate and other conditions vary from lot to lot. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the boiling time little by little, which can be a hardship, but this is the part of the process where the craftsmanship of many years can be utilized, so I sharpen my senses and manufacture with all my heart.

Manufacturer information

For 80 years, Akanemaru has been focusing on anko. Akanemaru, a long-established bean jam maker in Shitennoji, Osaka.

Akanemaru Corporation

With the motto, "Bringing more delicious bean jam to more people," we strive to make bean jam every day.

Akanemaru is proud of its low-sugar sweet bean paste. Akanemaru's Anko is proud of its "low-sugar An" which is light and elegantly tasty.Our products are widely sold not only to bakeries and Japanese confectionary stores, but also to Western confectionary stores and welfare facilities.

Akanemaru Corporation
Company name Akanemaru Corporation
Location Head office
Osaka, Japan 543-0052
13-15, Omichi 2-chome, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
TEL: 0120-506-108 FAX: 06-4303-3056 (Reception: 9:00 - 17:00)

Tokyo Branch
215 Kamihikona, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture
TEL: 048-953-6781 FAX: 048-953-6782
Business Description Sales of bean jam, Japanese and Western sweets, and bread
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Web Site https://www.akanemaru.co.jp/