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Part Number 216
Product name Superblend  
Name Biscuit
Raw material name Graham Biscuit Vanilla: wheat flour (produced domestically), shortening, sugar, glucose, powdered sugar, whole wheat flour, vegetable oils and fats, wheat germ, salt, vanilla paste/expanding agent, flavoring (including egg and dairy ingredients), emulsifier (from soybean), carotene color, graham cookie chocolate: wheat flour ( Domestic production), sugar, shortening, glucose, whole wheat flour, vegetable oils and fats, candy powder, quasi-chocolate, milk and other foodstuffs, wheat germ, salt, cocoa powder/expansion agent, flavoring, emulsifier (soybean origin), lemon cream sandwich: wheat flour (domestically produced), shortening, sugar, lemon cream Glucose, vegetable oil and fat, lactose, water candy, salt, lemon juice powder/expansion agent, flavoring, vitamin C, emulsifier (from soybean), carotene color, cocoa cookie vanilla: wheat flour (made in Japan), sugar, shortening, cocoa powder, glucose, powdered sugar, vegetable oil and fat, cacao mass, cocoa Malt extract, salt, vanilla paste, vanilla seeds paste/expansion agent, flavoring, emulsifier (soybean origin), chocolate cream sandwich: wheat flour (made in Japan), sugar, shortening, cocoa powder, lactose, lactose, sucrose mixed with high fructose corn syrup, water candy, salt, almond paste/ Inflating agent, flavoring, emulsifier(soybean origin), strawberry cream sandwich: wheat flour(made in Japan), sugar, shortening, glucose, vegetable oils and fats, lactose, foodstuff made of milk or other main ingredients, high fructose corn syrup mixed with sugar, malt extract, salt, strawberry powder, water candy, yeast/expansion agent Vitamin C, emulsifiers (including soybean), flavors, red beet color, and
Content volume 300g
Best before date 300
Storage method Normal temperature
Nutritional Information Per 1 graham cookie vanilla (standard 14g): 71kcal, 0.7g protein, 3.4g fat, 9.5g carbohydrate, 0.1g salt equivalent, per graham cookie chocolate (standard 14g): 71kcal, 0.8g protein, 3g fat .3g, 9.5g carbohydrate, 0.1g salt equivalent, per lemon cream sandwich (12g standard): 60kcal energy, 0.7g protein, 2.8g fat, 8.1g carbohydrate, 0.09g salt equivalent, per cocoa cookie vanilla (10g standard): energy 50 kcal, 0.6g protein, 2.3g fat, 6.8g carbohydrate, 0.1g salt equivalent, per chocolate cream sandwich (standard 12g): 58 kcal energy, 0.8g protein, 2.4g fat, 8.3g carbohydrate, 0.09g salt equivalent, per Strawberry cream sandwich (standard 10g) per sandwich (standard 10g): energy 49kcal, protein 0.5g, fat 2.2g, carbohydrate 6.9g, salt equivalent 0.08g, and
Wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans, (manufactured in a common facility with products containing peanuts, oranges, sesame, bananas, and apples)
(Outside Japan)
Seller Eikou-Foods Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer Takaraseika Co.,Ltd.
Place of manufacture Kanagawa Prefecture
Countries to be sold The country where the raw materials being used can be imported
Exporting Countries The country where the raw materials being used can be imported
Available period Year-round
Product Size
Product weight (net)
Product weight (net)
Number of lots for export commodity fee+More than 20 boxes combined by each manufacturer,(1 box of samples,shipping costs are paid by the customer)
Number of cases 15
Case size 278*473*284mm
Case weight (net) 278*473*284mm
Case weight (gross) 5kg

Manufacturer information

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Eikou-Foods Co.,Ltd.
Company name Eikou-Foods Co.,Ltd.
Location 6-3-23,kumata,higashisumiyoshi-ku,Osaka-City,Japan
Business Description Confectionery, food, beverages, and wholesale sales
Number of employees Total number of people, including head office and sales offices, 10
Capital stock 10 million
Web Site http://www.eikou-syokuhin.co.jp