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Exhibiting Companiess

Oguraya Oguraya

Specializing in natural kelp, an indispensable ingredient for Japanese cuisine since 1848


Natural kelp soup stock, salted kelp, yam and kelp

Founded in 1848 (the end of the Edo period), our strength lies in providing high quality kelp. We offer natural dashi kelp, salted kelp, yam kelp, oboro kelp, battera kelp, etc. for business and retail use. For dashi kelp, we carefully select and stock natural kelp. In contrast to cultivated kelp, natural kelp has stronger umami and richer flavor. The choice of kelp greatly affects the taste of Japanese cuisine. It is no exaggeration to say that kelp is the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Overseas, it is supported by many Japanese restaurants and supermarkets in Asia and the EU.

Ujien Corporation Ujien Corporation

Established in 1869, offering high quality tea, matcha, and tea sweets

Ujien Corporation

Tea One Way" Ujien

Ujien will continue to contribute to people's health, healing of the mind, and enrichment of their lives, based on the knowledge and experience we have gained through our "single-minded commitment to tea" since our establishment in Yamashiro, Kyoto, the birthplace of tea, and using the sensitivity we have refined in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, the commercial capital of Japan. In addition to the sale of delicious teas, we also sell tea sweets, coffee shops, Japanese cafes, matcha bars, and other food and beverage businesses in Japan and overseas, as well as overseas franchises.


Sesame Roastery since 1883 in Osaka


Great Family Sesame Roastery

Sesame seed manufacturer in Osaka, since 1883. Our roasting process, which determines the taste of sesame, is unique, and we are able to produce fragrant sesame seeds that no other company can. We produce roasted sesame,ground sesame, sesame paste, sesame oil, furikake, etc. We exports those products to more than 10 countries and a lot of world wide chefs love our sesame.